Women Unite Over CTF

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Who run the world?! Girls (in cyber)!
How do they do it? With ESCALATE®!

Online with ESCALATE
Saturday, November 2nd, 2019
12:00-4:00 pm EST


Join Point3 Security, WomenHackerz, Women in Security (WoSEC), Gatebreachers and Women's Society of Cyberjutsu as we host a FREE laidback capture the flag competition just for those who identify as women. Never done a capture the flag competition before? Or do you know what you’re doing and just want to have some fun for a few hours? This competition is for you! We’ll give you a tutorial on how to solve a challenge through Point3’s CTF ESCALATE and then let you compete at your own pace.

Beginners will have the opportunity to practice their skills in our reverse engineering challenge while our advanced crowd will be able to venture through all the challenges our ESCALATE ecosystem has to offer!

Interested in attending the event in person? Join us at our on-site location in Mindgrub’s Baltimore office or at the Cybrary Location;

Sign up today as slots are limited and by RSVP only.

[email protected]
1215 East Fort Avenue
Suite 200
Baltimore, MD 21230

5801 University Research Ct
Riverdale, MD 20737

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About Our Hosts

Point3 Security
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Point3 Security is a premier information security organization specializing in workforce development and measurement. Founded in 2014 by government-trained cyber-threat specialists, we provide gamified environments that cultivate talent in applied and increasingly complex fields. We are recognized as the gold-standard in cyber talent measurement and development—ensuring members are ready to meet the evolving threat landscape.

Point3's premier product offering, ESCALATE is what's powering this CTF! ESCALATE enables managers to recruit, retain and cultivate their cyber analysts and is a proven immersive ecosystem that delivers gamified cyber-skills challenges with an online community of mentors.

Gatebreachers fosters gender diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cybersecurity industry through networking, mentoring, professional development, and community outreach. Our vision is the equal representation of women and men in the cybersecurity workforce by engaging and collaborating with organizations and businesses to improve the recruitment and retention of women; utilizing marketing and social media platforms to raise awareness of women in cybersecurity careers; and innovating new strategies to leverage existing resources. Gatebreachers provides the following services: resume review, interview preparation, career guidance, and mentorship.

Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu
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Founded in 2012, the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu (WSC) is a National 501(c)3 non-profit community, focused on empowering women to succeed in the cybersecurity industry. WSC’s mission is to advance women in cybersecurity careers by providing programs and partnerships that promote hands-on training, networking, education, mentoring, resource-sharing and other professional opportunities.

WSC serves thousands of women across the globe by bringing awareness to, and advancing careers in, cybersecurity. The WSC community includes information security professionals, IT professionals, programmers, computer scientists and engineers, as well as women wanting to explore and join the field. Recognizing the importance of encouraging girls to embrace a future in STEM-related professions through its Cyberjutsu Girls Academy, WSC provides a unique hands-on curriculum focused on securing information technology.


WoSEC is a community for women and girls, to meet, support and bond with each other, and make awesome new friends!


A private global community of women hackers from all levels. WomenHackerz provides guidance, support, workshops, CTFs, job opportunities, networking and so much more!