Hack to Help 2020

While we are all in isolation, quarantine, or practicing social distancing around the world, we at Point3 would like to keep your occupied with our gamified learning ecosystem in a virtual CTF! Let’s continue learning on ESCALATE® while we practice social distancing.

Need help? We don't give out answers, but our Cyber Mentors may be able to help guide you with navigating the ecosystem. Reach out to them via email at [email protected].


This CTF competition takes place for 3 weeks! Each week Point3 will provide a challenge. Each competitor who solves the weekly challenge can move forward to the next release. The competitor who solves all 3 challenges wins! At the end of 3 weeks, if more than one person has solved all 3 challenges, those competitors will head to the final round with a speed challenge!

Please note the 1st and 2nd challenges will still be available once the 3rd challenge is released.

1st Release
Start Date: March 26 | 8 AM ET

2nd Release
Start Date: April 2 | 8 AM ET

3rd Release
Start Date: April 9 | 8 AM ET

Competition End
End Date: Apr 16 | 5PM ET


Winner can choose for us to donate to a charity in their honor;

Mental Health Hackers
Innocent Lives
Feeding America COVID-19 Food Bank Relief
Johns Hopkins Hospital
The Red Cross COVID-19 Efforts

Stay safe, and keep hacking!