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Evan Dornbush

CEO & Co-Founder

Evan has over a decade of experience in the cyber security industry. He began his technical career as a computer network operator at the NSA and then transitioned to several years of sales at VRL. Evan cofounded and leads Point3 with an intimate understanding of both the end user and the C-Suite manager.

John Rigney

CTO & Co-Founder

John is a life-long hacker with over 10 years of experience as an NSA cyber operator. Under John’s guidance, Point3 Security Inc. has developed not only the Escalate ecosystem, but also a range of novel threat detection tools and red team capabilities.

Nick Levy

Vice President of Sales

Nick specializes in software sales and has managed business development and new acquisitions for the last 10-years. Nick previously was Vice President of Sales for a Baltimore based Technology Firm and has worked for well-known security forms such as Tenable, Qualys, and ZeroFox. Nick has been with Point3 Security for two and a half years, where he's shown a passion to build strategic partnerships and expand our offerings. He is an imperative leader and enables our team to continue to exceed industry standards.

Janelle Wolbert

Director of Marketing

Janelle is an expert marketer and creative director with a decade of experience across every facet of the marketing industry. With specialized knowledge in marketing for nonprofits and the federal space, Janelle brings together strong artistic and technical skills with robust multi-channel strategies to inspire the team, excite customers and build unparallelled brand loyalty.

Adam Zeanchock

Senior Technical Sales Engineer

Adam specializes in IT training and development and is one of Point3 Security’s leading mentors on ESCALATE. Adam served in the U.S. military, starting his career in the Navy as a Network Operations Analyst. He has over 10 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry developing technical training curriculum and online course programs for software and hardware applications.

Leah Adams

Director of Client Services

Leah is a seasoned client success manager with 7 years of experience in growing small businesses. She has demonstrated sound expertise in business development with a focus on strategic planning, business analysis, and reporting. Leah is a formidable saleswoman and an energetic leader in cyber sales.

Carrie Gaut

Executive Director, Human Resources & Talent Aquisition

Carrie is a seasoned talent acquisition professional with 20+ years of private sector and consulting experience. Carrie has led all aspects of the recruitment lifecycle for global and stateside organizations. Carrie also has recruiting expertise in the federal cleared space.