Atlanta Cyber Week Chooses ESCALATE as Capture the Flag Competition Platform

Capture the Flag event held during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month introducing gamified learning.

Baltimore, MD - October 10, 2018

Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and Baker Donelson are facilitating its second annual Atlanta Cyber Week. Last year’s event took place online, providing over 1,000 participants a broad spectrum of educational events, highlighting Georgia’s cybersecurity ecosystem. This year, a Baltimore based startup has answered the cyber communities needs in Atlanta to recruit, retain, and cultivate talent through their premier gamified product, ESCALATE.

The product produced by Point3 Security has taken the industry by storm, launching individual and team cyber skills in a matter of months. In an effort to promote unconventional learning, Point3 has partnered with Atlanta Cyber Week to use ESCALATE as Atlanta’s choice of platform to run the Atlanta Cyber Challenge. The competition is a jeopardy style capture the flag competition worth $100,000 for the first prize winner. The competition took place October 10th and ran through October 12, 2018 online. The first-place team will receive the grand prize in November.

“There is a massive pool of talented individuals waiting for an opportunity such as this to climb to the next level. We want these dedicated individuals you can gain professional success with or without a degree. Anything is possible, even being in the comfort of your own home.” Says Evan Dornbush, Co-Founder and CEO of Point3 Security.

ESCALATE is a proven immersive ecosystem that delivers gamified cyber-skill challenges with an online community of mentors. The product produces challenges each month to help individuals and work departments increase their cyber skills in addition to human resource department analyzing recruited talent. Point3 Security’s product is the gold standard to solidifying talent. ESCALATE is now being used to showcase talented individuals with capture the flag competitions, much like the Atlanta Cyber Challenge.

About Point3 Security Inc.

Founded in 2014, Point3 Security Inc. is a premier information security organization providing the industry with training and analytic tools to enhance their workforce. Recognizing the industries’ increasingly complex threats, Point3 Security Inc. provides challenge/ game-based material that identifies and cultivates cybersecurity talent amongst professional organizations. For more information please visit

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