Point3 Security Offers Non-Profits, SMBs 80% Discount on New Cybersecurity Talent Screening Service to Assess and Hire Top Cybersecurity Talent

Offer Available Through Q1 2021 with Registration by December 31, 2020; SaaS “Jungle Gym for Pentesters” Identifies Talent with The Right Skill Sets, Demonstrates Bias-Free Candidate Evaluations.

Baltimore, MD – November 17, 2020

Point3 Security, the leader in advanced training of cybersecurity professionals through gamified challenges, introduces its limited time only, discounted Talent Screening service to help organizations identify the optimal talent for their needs, both in hiring and during upskilling, with unprecedented efficiency, economy and precision.

Chloé Messdaghi, VP of Strategy, Point3 Security, said: “My experience in humanitarian non-profits showed me first-hand how these worthy organizations may well have the funding to staff an essential security position, but lack the incremental funding to work with resources that can help them identify candidates with the drive and skill sets to meet the challenges they face. In this historic time, it’s likely that many SMBs face similar challenges. We’re heartened by the initial reception to the new Talent Screening service, and are making it available essentially at cost to these worthy organizations.”

To secure the discount and access the SaaS platform for hires and evaluations through Q1 2021, organizations need to register with Point3 Security by 11:59 pm ET, December 31, 2020 at the following link: https://ittakesahuman.com/solutions/talent_screening_promotion.html

The Talent Screening service is the newest extension of Point3’s ESCALATE ecosystem, a gamified, hands-on platform that helps cultivate and measure talent, and allows cybersecurity professionals to continually “upskill” with engaging, gamified challenges that help them keep pace with the constantly shifting threat landscape.

Its self-paced challenges also give employers insight on assessing and helping employees continually advance and push themselves farther in their chosen field. ESCALATE helps organizations assess skills that they cannot otherwise necessarily learn from a candidate’s degrees, credentials or resume.

“It’s like a jungle gym for pentesters,” said Brian Hubbard, Director of Commercial and Cybersecurity for Edwards Performance Solutions, productivity experts serving government and commercial clients. “Point3 Security allowed us to not only pick someone with the right skill set, but also to assess their drive and initiative to complete the challenges, and that’s the kind of leadership that we really needed.”

The Challenge: Finding the Right Fit

Particularly in non-profits and SMBs, cybersecurity candidate screening is often conducted by people with a sparse cybersecurity background. They’re forced to rely on judgements based on a candidate’s credentials, which may not reflect a candidate’s actual skills and initiative or their ability to detect and respond to threats in real time. This can lead to cybersecurity talent turnover, unintended biases in hiring, and the onboarding of expensive talent for positions which a current resource may be better and more immediately suited for.

The Talent Screening service provides preliminary candidates with CTF, Pentest and other challenges, and yields information that helps organizations more fairly analyze the results of all applicants, including current in-house talent. The resulting clarity lets organizations move forward in the hiring process knowing that second-round candidates are all good fits for the cybersecurity challenges they’re likely to face.

This new service also helps organizations eliminate the human biases that can inadvertently enter the hiring process. For example, the service reveals the drive, skills and characteristics that help a red or purple teamer succeed, which are different from those of a successful blue team member and are essentially undetectable by traditional means. It also can help an organization break through more subtle barriers to candidate screening by fairly reflecting applicants’ skills and drive.

“Point3 Security’s Talent Screening service brings new transparency and fairness to the first round of candidate assessments, demonstrably preventing the inadvertent screen out of top performers due to over-reliance on outdated metrics, and it also ensures and demonstrates that unintended biases have no place in the organization’s cybersecurity talent recruitment and hiring process,” said Evan Dornbush, CEO, Point3 Security. “We are very pleased to let profit take a backseat to improving cybersecurity for SMBs and non-profit organizations, whose work is so essential during this historic period of time.”

Additional Resources:

Edwards Case Study: https://ittakesahuman.com/docs/Edwards_CaseStudy.pdf

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/rA9DIciONoM

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