The International Women Unite Over CTF 3.0 Registration Now Open; Organized With 11 Women and Non-Binary Led Security Groups, Participants From 100+ Countries Expected

Call for Participants and Sponsors Issued for Third “Women Unite Over CTF” - Offering Women and Non-Binary InfoSec Community Members Opportunities to Network and Showcase Their Talent.

Baltimore, MD – January 14, 2021

Point3 Security, leaders in advanced training of cybersecurity professionals through gamified challenges, joins Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, Gatebreachers, WoSEC, WeAreHackerz, WiCys, Diana Initiative, WISP, Women in Cyber Security Middle East, InfoSecGirls, NotPinkCon, and OWASP WIA in announcing open registration and sponsorship opportunities for Women Unite Over CTF 3.0. The popular Capture the Flag (CTF) will be held on February 13, 2021 from 8 am to 8 pm ET. More than 1,000 participants from 100 countries are expected to participate.

The CTF features challenges for beginner-level to advanced infosec participants. On-going, live instruction will help beginners successfully complete their first CTF, and more advanced infosec professionals can earn points through challenges on the award-winning ESCALATE platform from Point3 Security. Several non-profits for women and non-binary persons in cybersecurity will provide introductions to help forge new connections, share opportunities and embrace self-empowerment. An online chatroom is also provided, affording an in-depth social experience for interested participants.

Registration for Women Unite Over CTF 3.0 is free to all, at this registration link.

"Gaining hands-on experience is essential for the continuous development of cybersecurity professionals and opportunities such as CTFs allow them to apply and test their skills and knowledge in the field. The WiCyS organization is partnering with Women Unite over CTF to offer such gateways for women to practice and advance their skillset collectively,” said Lynn Dohm (she/her), Executive Director, WiCyS, a Women Unite Over CTF 3.0 hosting organization. “This type of collaboration also allows multiple nonprofits with similar missions to engage with the community together."

Sponsorship benefits and opportunities:

Companies can become Women Unite Over CTF 3.0 sponsors, and support efforts to help elevate the opportunities available to and skill levels of hundreds of members across prominent organizations in infosec. The competition affords opportunities for sponsors to demonstrably show their support for increasing, upskilling and diversifying the infosec community’s talent pool. Sponsors receive:

  • - An opportunity to speak at Women Unite Over CTF
  • - Logo placement on the Women Unite Over CTF 3.0 website, presentations and announcements
  • - Social media posts recognizing this sponsorship.

For more information on sponsorships, interested parties should contact Women Unite Over CTF at [email protected]

Chloé Messdaghi, Founder of WeAreHackerz, Chief Strategist at Point3 Security and a Co-Founder of WoSEC, said: “Both newer and experienced cybersecurity professionals report experiencing intimidation in professional endeavors, and while this is understandable because cybersecurity is a daunting career, it’s not acceptable. Competitive exercises such as CTFs really help these professionals overcome this, because they broaden both the participant’s skills and their competitive drive. That’s why Women Unite Over CTF 3.0 is created for underrepresented people: to upskill and empower them.”

Evan Dornbush, Point3 Security Co-Founder and CEO, said: “Women Unite Over CTF 3.0 helps foster invaluable bonds across the cybersecurity community, providing an important springboard for newer entrants and substantial opportunities for experienced professionals. This CTF provides challenges at all levels, and we are honored to co-host this event with our co-sponsors, and stand with those providing non-binary persons & women hackers from all regions, ethnicities, faiths and skills levels greater access to the strong, welcoming global community of like-minded infosec professionals.”

About Women Unite Over CTF 3.0:

The international Women Unite Over CTF competition has given women and non-binary infosec community members a platform to showcase their talent and network with others, and means for self-empowerment and career enhancement. The competition allows anyone identifying as a woman or non-binary person to join, regardless of skill level. Beginners receive a live instruction to help them successfully compete, and an introduction to the many professional organizations that support women in cybersecurity. By the end of the competition, participants’ skillsets are typically raised and broadened.

Hosting organizations include: Diana Initiative (@DianaInitiative), Gatebreachers, InfoSecGirls (@infosecgirls), ISP (@wisporg), Point3 Security (@point3sec), WeAreHackerz (@WeAreHackerzOrg), WiCys (@WiCySorg), Women in Cyber Security Middle East (@WiCSME), Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu (@WomenCyberjutsu), WoSEC (@WoSECTweets), and OWASP WIA (@OWASPWIA).

The annual event has attracted participants from around the world.

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