ESCALATE Powers Cyber Maryland Capture the Flag Challenge in Baltimore City worth $100,000

Poolesville High School wins overall in Cyber Maryland Capture the Flag Challenge powered by Baltimore’s newest cybersecurity product, ESCALATE.

Baltimore, MD - October 10, 2018

Poolesville High School won overall in Cyber Maryland’s Capture the Flag Challenge October 9th. The competition was powered by Point3 Security’s cybersecurity product ESCALATE at The Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor. ESCALATE’s mission is to recruit, retain and cultivate talent amongst the cybersecurity community, including high school students. The Baltimore based organization has recently worked with individual professionals and corporations to grow their talent pool. However, in recent months the start-up has used their product to encourage unconventional learning amongst high school and colleges through capture the flag tournaments. In the past, the organization has effortlessly proved anyone can use their product to advance within the cybersecurity industry. In this case, Poolesville High School outshined both high school and college teams proving Point3’s philosophy that talent is not based on a degree. This time, Poolesville High School showed the world what they can do by triumphing the competition and winning a grand prize of $5,000 in cash. Four teams – the top-scoring two high school and top two college teams – each claimed over $25,000 per team and worth of hardware and software prizes. Loyola Blakefield Academy was the second place High School team. The top college was UMBC and the runner up was the Air Force Academy.

“Lasting through a month of pre-qualification rounds, it is encouraging and inspirational to see 150 finalist competitors remained engaged through an extremely adverse process. Every single one of these students has demonstrated the skills and perseverance required to be successful in the community and in the workforce.” Says Evan Dornbush, Co-Founder & CEO of Point3 Security.

ESCALATE is a proven immersive ecosystem that delivers gamified cyber-skill challenges with an online community of mentors. The product currently contains 102 challenges and produces new content each month. Striving to educate and bring awareness of cybersecurity threats, ESCALATE enhances skillsets amongst all levels of professionals and reinforces talent amongst organizations. ESCALATE is the gold standard to solidifying talent. Point3 intends to continue its efforts in showcasing talented individuals through school programs, proving talented can be cultivated without a degree.

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