Q: What is a talent screen?

A talent screen, sometimes called an assessment instrument, is a quick way to see if your candidates can demonstrate competency in the specific skill areas their work role would require.

Q: Why would I need a talent screen?

Talent screening saves you time, money, and helps to filter out people whose skills don’t align with what your organization needs. Think about how you recruit right now. You post a job description and get several dozen applicants. You take time to filter out perceived bad fits based on resumes. Then you spend countless hours interviewing the perceived good candidates, and many times you end up rejecting all of them. Instead of wasting time and resources, you can give all your applicants a talent screen before you even interview them, allowing their actions to speak for themselves.

Q: Why should I choose a talent screen from Point3?

We have the only talent screen service that is both a hands-on practical assessment and one that is aligned with the NIST/NICE Cybersecurity workforce framework. Both these features help you develop a hiring process that will make sure you only take on the best people for the job.

Q: What is a NIST/NICE Cyber Security Framework?

Just like you might have a hard time telling candidates apart, applicants have the same difficulty making sure you’re the right fit for their talent. Sometimes, hiring the right candidate still might not mean long-term success, and you might end up right back at the beginning of the hiring process. NIST/NICE solves this problem by creating a standard lexicon that de-emphasizes a job title in favor of the Knowledges, Skills, Abilities, and Tasks (KSATs) required to be successful in the role.

Q: How does the assessment process work?

We start out by getting to know each other. Point3 will schedule an in-depth conversation where we can learn your exact needs and challenges. We then recommend a set of ESCALATE challenges that can help you find a candidate that has the skills you require. Then we work together to determine the best applicant testing cadence to meet your needs.

Q: What happens after an individual is screened?

We give you performance data on all candidates for each work role, allowing you to compare them to each other, and you make the decision as to the next steps for your organization.

Q: How long does testing take?

We work with you to determine what’s most appropriate. Typically, each test takes an hour or to complete. However, we recommend giving your applicants a full 24-hour period to engage.

Q: Can we run multiple candidates at the same time?

Yes, each plan allows for candidate concurrency. Candidates will not be able to interact with each other.

Q: What if we are hiring for multiple and different work roles?

All plan tiers come with a prescribed number of work roles. For a nominal fee, we can accommodate custom requests.

Q: WWhat happens if the candidate has technical problems?

We, as your trusted partner in the talent screen, will handle all customer service matters that may arise.

Q: How do you ensure there is no sharing of answers?

Each challenge in ESCALATE has a unique answer per attempt, so answers cannot be shared. Each challenge is designed to be open-ended and users can approach each challenge attempt in a number of ways. Point3 also monitors all chat activities inside of ESCALATE, although we cannot guarantee that exterior communications channels are not being used.